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He's lost control of his life, that's what.
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when my suffering started

  • *july 4, 2013*
  • me: oh hey look! a swimming anime!
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  • Free! Eternal Summer OTP: Sosuke Yamazaki x Happiness
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Haru's nightmare
Anonymous asked: lmao chill free! is just a fanservice anime


Free! Is so much more then that, I honestly don’t understand how anyone could stay indifferent after today’s episode. If all you care about is fanservice, then I’m sorry but just let me tell you free! is wasted on you!

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sports anime are so intense like slow the fuck down it’s high school not the olympics u dont need to go ‘nyoom’ all the time sit down maybe eat a snickers u might feel better

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if you blame haru and saying he’s selfish because he doesn’t want to do something other people wants him to do, please tag it as #i’m wrong because i don’t see him as a character in this anime just for shipping material

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